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2016 Summer Elite Night Skates

06/02/2016, 4:15pm MST

Tuesday June 7th – Thursday August 4th

Junior Group:  2002 - 2000

Senior Group:  1999 and older

Athlete's Resource will begin our 2016 Summer Night Skates for elite level players who want to keep active during the summer months. AR will offer two sessions each scheduled night, with a JR and SR ice session. Typically, these skates will include 30 minutes of drills and 30 minutes of scrimmage time. The JR session will be offered to current Tier I/AAA youth hockey players from the birth-years Bantam 2002/Midget 2001/Midget 2000. The SR session will be for U18 midget 99's & 98's/Junior level players/College level players/Professional level players. *

When space is available and is determined by head coach, some select 2000's may be offered to stay and skate with SR group afterwards.

Goaltenders will be free of charge providing communication is made with AR coaches on any missed sessions. Candidates must contact AR prior to the start date to secure a spot as one of the complimentary goalies for the summer.

*AR reserves the right to deny participation to non-AAA players.

Until June 9th and for a limited time, the cost of the entire 16 sessions will be only $325.

Any approved drop-in skaters will pay $35 at the check in table past the first week of ice. There will be no other payment options to be registered in the program.

Past the June 9th session, all players will be charged the $35 drop-in rate, so please take advantage of registering the first sessions in the program.

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